Toon Blast Hacks and Tricks – Easy to Use Cheats

Toon Blast Hacks and Tricks – Easy to Use Cheats

If LasTrick focuses primarily on strategy games, we sometimes deal with games intended for a younger audience. Today we are going to talk about Toon Blast! and we take this opportunity to share our latest 100% working cheating strategy guide.

Unique Puzzle Experience

Prepare to blast off colorful bricks with cute symbols, all in the company of fun cartoon characters created for this new universe. Accumulate points to your score by simply tapping on the cubes, to smash them apart and out of the screen. That’s only possible when those that are exactly the same are close together, blasting them all at once. The bigger the number of bricks destroyed at once, the higher the score that is provided.

No other matching puzzle game has so many funny and cute characters. The gaming experience is also very unique, and this is like a very new beginning even for usual puzzle players.

It’s all about doing the right matches, with a limited amount of moves and trying to beat the high-score set at the leaderboard.

Competition Against Others

Call your newest cartoon pet friends Cooper, Wally and Bruno and start challenging others to a very exciting puzzle challenge. More incredible than that is the fact that you can team up with friends to compete. That’s right! Invite everyone that you know that would be very supportive and get them in your team.

They will be an important asset to your road towards championship. They will give you lives and boosters, so that you don’t have to wait to continue with your quests. It’s incredibly important to be capable of accumulating so many friends, so make sure to make new ones and not only rely on your real-life ones. There is a great community within Toon Blast, not only for the battles and competitions, but also for support.

Special Features

Hidden gifts and treasures in the form of cards may be what’s left to become the ultimate blaster. This toon world has tons of secrets yet to be revealed, no matter how many thousands of players are into playing it. Those could be bonuses to help surviving a very difficult puzzle challenge, a blasting secret attack to reveal at the right moment against an opponent or even more points to exchange for better items.

Open up secret chests that will be available throughout the game and make sure you are being lucky today, in order to get the best possible rewards.

Many Objectives

Dozens of levels, maybe hundreds of them for those curious and spirituous enough to accept the challenge, are waiting for the puzzle players. It starts quite easy, with a lot of colorful bricks that are easy to combine and match. Solving the puzzle becomes harder with every level you advance, adding new obstacles and difficulties that will make you sweat before a decision is taken. Sometimes a simple move may change the entire game, and even oblige you to restart it and give it one more shot, if there are still some lives left.

Besides the many levels of difficulty, there are separate goals that not only keep it interesting, but also to make sure you are worthy of the cute funny companions you receive at the beginning. Show off your abilities and make everything possible to keep receiving the maximum number of stars at every level. They are very important to get rewards after a game.

Play Anywhere

Like other mobile games, Toon Blast will follow you wherever you go. Interact with others with any signal of internet connection and keep receiving lives to play more levels. Blast the bricks off with your giant hammer in the bus, at school or anywhere else. More important: don’t keep stuck to a single mobile device because of the game. Transport everything of your progress, transferring from the phone to the tablet and the other way around. It can be easily synchronized without much effort. This possibility has been thought off to make sure the community keeps together.

Easy to get addicted, of an increasing difficulty and challenging at the most for those willing to master their puzzle skills. There are no more reasons left to consider taking another puzzle game for the test. Go for Toon Blast hack, join your new cartoon friends and have fun breaking as much colorful bricks as possible.

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